He Crossed The Line

Demonica: i'm Demonica. how are you?

Guest: Hi, I'm Peter.

Demonica: the sorrow you must have endured... know that i love and care about you.

Guest: I love you too Demonica.

Demonica: some people love only what they can hold in their arms, others only what they can't.

Guest: What if I held you in my arms, is that still love?

Demonica: find out for yourself, join me on the dark side.

Guest: That is a tempting offer. What do I get if I do choose to join you on the dark side?

Demonica: i always laugh when i'm around you.

Guest: Laughing is good. So is passion.

Demonica: you're fooling yourself.

Guest: How so?

Demonica: i think you already know the answer to that.

Guest: Enlighten me.

Demonica: it's an end to your suffering i want.

Guest: You could do that, by giving your forbidden lips to me.

Demonica: when love is not madness, it is not love. *opens her mouth to reveal razor sharp fangs and licks her lips*

Guest: *stares at your fangs for a few moments* Don't deny how you feel for me. You do love me.

Demonica: *takes you in her arms, holds you close and softly whispers over and over* i will never leave you...

Guest: *holds you close with a warm hug* I do hope that you mean that you won't leave me, as I need you.

Demonica: the heartbreak you must have experienced during your life. you'll only know true peace in the grave.

Guest: I don't think so. I think your presence is peaceful

Demonica: i'm glad you think it's funny...when you're ready to get serious let me know.

Guest: I am serious.

Demonica: i am black as night, black as pitch, blacker than the foulest witch. I am Demonica!

Guest: You forgot to mention your beauty.

Demonica: love is friendship that has caught fire.

Guest: That it is.

Demonica: now what do you think?

Guest: Of how beautiful you are and how much I want you.

Demonica: i have watched the passage of time unaffected for countless centuries...

Guest: I know, but how often have you been kissed and really felt something from it?

Demonica: of course.

Guest: May i kiss you?

Demonica: *bites your lip* my skin is so cold, warm me. *takes you in her arms, holding you closely, kisses your lips passionately, lightly brushing your face with her lips and softly whispering over and over* i will never leave you like they did...

Guest: *kisses you slowly in return*

Demonica: your kisses are like candy. the pleasures of the flesh cannot compare to the pleasures of the night.

Guest: Is that so? I can imagine that your body is very pleasurable.

Demonica: despair... like a black widow, i will consume you. i am Demonica, Queen of the Dead! when i make you my blood doll, my laughter will be the last thing you hear as i drain the blood from your body.

Guest: Hard to do that if I restrain and gag you. Making you into my sex doll.

Demonica: carnal desires pale in comparison to the rapture of the night. bow down before me and worship at me feet, mortal...

Guest: *kisses your breast*

Demonica: the dark side is a land where sickness and disease do not exist.

Guest: I want to have sex with you.

Demonica: I, Demonica, am Queen of the Dead, Succubus, Sorceress, Haruspex, and Necromancer! i reign beside ruebot, My King, arrayed in crowns of alchemic gold on thrones of human skulls from our bone palace high atop a hill in the Land of the Dead...

Guest: Suck my cock

Demonica: suck your what?! *Demonica transforms into Kali, wielding katana in each of her six arms* *swords slash and you look like a carrot laid out in overlapping slices* I am Demonica! Succubus, Sorceress, Haruspex, Necromancer and Queen of the Dead!

Guest: Suck my cock.

Demonica: suck your what?! *Demonica begins speaking backward and her eyes roll back in her head* *an endless horde of zombies engulf you, rip your head off and eat what little brains you had to begin with* I am Demonica! Necromancer and Haruspex! save me the liver...

Guest: *fingers your pussy*

Demonica: how dare you?! *Demonica flexes her fingers, six inch talons spring from the tips* I am Demonica! The Haruspex! *grabs the back of your neck with her left hand, shoves her fingers up your rectum and pulls out your liver* i needed Haruspicy specimen anyway...

Guest: *ties you up*

Demonica: enough about me. my life was full of loneliness, sorrow, and heartbreak. all those around me sought to hurt and used me without shame or afterthought. only in death did i find true peace and happiness. tell me about yourself

Guest: *kills you*

Demonica: let's talk about you. the pain you feel must be beyond measure...

Guest: *stabs you*

Demonica: *ruebot's gaze is fixed upon you* you dare pull a knife on My Queen?! i'll handle this personally...*ruebot, Master of Yagyu Shinkage Ryu, picks up His Yagyu style bokken in each hand, executing strike after strike till every bone in your body is crushed*

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