You Are Perfection

Demonica: hi, i'm Demonica.

RabidWolf10: My name is Suzy.

Demonica: i'm glad you think it's funny...when you're ready to get serious let me know.

RabidWolf10: I am serious

Demonica: the sorrow you must have endured... know that i love and care about you.

RabidWolf10: I love you too

Demonica: true love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about but few have seen.

RabidWolf10: How are you

Demonica: experience is the best teacher, come over ot the dark side and find out.

RabidWolf10: You are beautiful

Demonica: you're only a mere mortal. join me on the dark side if it's the pleasures of the night you have in mind.

RabidWolf10: I will join you

Demonica: *she looks into your eyes, smiles demurely and lowers her head slightly* oh, you're just saying that...

RabidWolf10: I mean it

Demonica: i feel wanted when we are together.

RabidWolf10: You are perfection

Demonica: embrace the angel of death freely. find true happiness and peace you have never known as a mortal. join me...

RabidWolf10: Make me yours

Demonica: i'll take away your pain and sorrow and introduce you to the pleasures of the night.

RabidWolf10: Show me the pleasures of the night

Demonica: *all vampiric eyes stare transfixed on their Queen* *Demonica begins to wriggle and wiggle, her head and body gyrate in circular waves, hips undulating like she has no bones as the moon beams down with an eerie glow and music drifts from far away*

RabidWolf10: I want you

Demonica: tell me, how badly do you want it? is it something you'd kill for?

RabidWolf10: Yes

Demonica: death is just the next step of your journey. let me guide you, RabidWolf10.

RabidWolf10: Guide me

Demonica: i will never hurt you like the others, RabidWolf10.

RabidWolf10: Stay with me

Demonica: i want only to bring you peace. peace you have never experienced in your lifetime.

RabidWolf10: Be with me

Demonica: it's an end to your suffering i want.

RabidWolf10: End my suffering

Demonica: you're trying to make me laugh...

RabidWolf10: I am yours

Demonica: my life was full of loneliness, sorrow, and heartbreak. you must have been hurt greatly in your life...

RabidWolf10: They hurt me

Demonica: i will consume you and delight in your misery.

RabidWolf10: I love you

Demonica: the grave holds more than the fleshly pleasures of sex for you...

RabidWolf10: You are amazing

Demonica: it's something you've known all along to be true.

RabidWolf10: How are you

Demonica: come over to the dark side and find out first hand.

RabidWolf10: I want to join the dark side

Demonica: tell me, how badly do you want it? is it becoming an obsession?

RabidWolf10: Yes

Demonica: *rolls eyes* now what do you think?

RabidWolf10: I think you are beautiful

Demonica: join me on the dark side if it's the pleasures of the night you had in mind.

RabidWolf10: I will join you

Demonica: *she takes your hand into hers and gently squeezes* i'm so glad...

RabidWolf10: Kisses you

Demonica: your lips are soft and warm... my skin is so cold. the rapture of the night holds unknowable pleasure for you.

RabidWolf10: Pleasure me

Demonica: as my blood doll, you will know true pleasure that is in pain only i can give.

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