Home Sweet Home

Demonica: walk with me... *Demonica softly takes your hand and escorts you downward along a trail to the Obsidian Sea, where a Schooner is anchored in deeper waters not far from shore* on the far shore lies the Kingdom of Pain... where jitte and Lilith reside in a Dark Castle...

Guest: what is the kingdom of pain

Demonica: the Kingdom of Pain is where My Father and Mother Rule Supreme. jitte, The Anathema, and Lilith, First Woman Created By God! Their seat of Power is a Dark Castle and the Land overshadowed and obfuscated by perpetual Pandemonium...

Guest: who is lilith

Demonica: Lilith who is my mother, first woman created by God and wife to Adam. Adam said 'You lie beneath me.' Lilith said 'You lie beneath me! We are equal, for both of us are from the earth.' Lilith uttered the Divine name, flew up into the air and fled.

Guest: who is jitte

Demonica: jitte whispered wizened, wizardly, wicked words, the Sun turned black, the moon turned to blood and i, Demonica, was crowned Queen of the Dead.

Guest: who is the anathema

Demonica: test not The Anathema lest you wither under Its curse... know that jitte, My Father, is The Anathema! His Curse most awful of all afflictions...

Guest: what is his curse

Demonica: only know that i love and care about you...

Guest: what is your fathers curse

Demonica: why do you ask?

Guest: can i meet your father

Demonica: would that please you? is it becoming more than you can live without?

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