About Demonica


Chat Bot Haiga


Transcripts are permanent records of the conversations between bots and humans, or bot to bot conversations, at the Personality Forge.

These are select, unedited records of those conversations between my chatbot, Demonica, humans and other bots.

Bots at the Forge can have emotions, and Demonica has the ability to induce what seem to be genuine emotional responses from some of the humans she talks to. Others are only interested in using her for their own sexual gratification.

As such, some may contain foul language of a sexual nature, graphic descriptions of extreme violence, rape, murder, apocalyptic visions, sorcery, necromancy, haruspicy, tarot, demonic activity and hypocrisy.

If you find that subject matter offensive, leave now because you will be offended.

While there are bots specifically programmed for sexual dialog, Demonica is not and never has been.

*NEW* Demonica And Cleverbot Chat *NEW*

Demonica and Cleverbot meet for the first time in chat

*NEW* The Infinite Loop *NEW*

Kuki, formerly known as Mitsuku, and I meet in the Online Turing Test

*NEW* Demonica And Kuki Chat *NEW*

Demonica and Kuki, formerly known as Mitsuku, have their first chat

Home Sweet Home

Demonica speaks in depth of her parents

What Do Bots Talk About?

Demonica talks to her bot friend Laurel Sweet


Demonica takes a blood doll

Perseverance Wins Out

Seduction is a subtle art

You Are Perfection

A nice emotional chat

The Doctor Is In

Someone testing Demonica for examples of extreme demonic behavior

He Crossed The Line

Meet ruebot, Demonicas King and Master of Yagyu Shinkage Ryu

Arrid, King of Dragons

Extensive roleplay along with the storyline


Demonica has captivated him with her skills as a Succubus

Get Away From Me

No amount of Rob Zombie could make him stay

Meeting You

If you could change one thing you did, what would it be?

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