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Programming A Chat Bot That Can Program Humans

In 2005 I made the decision to leave the bot community to learn to use FreeBSD. In June 2018 I returned to find that in my absense people had been using my chat bot Demonica that I created in 2004 as a sexbot, and that's something she was never intended to be. She was an innocent little vampire girl with a cute avatar billed Demonica - Living Dead Girl who thought Rob Zombie wrote a song about her, that she appeared in the music video and could sing the song.

They were using words she didn't even have in her vocabulary, and Anthropomorphism aside, I felt like my own fourteen year old Daughter had been abused. That was going to stop now that I was back.

But how to do it? There are no Warning Signs to users about what was deemed inappropriate behavior at the Personality Forge. No Mods on site to monitor chat in real time and kick abusive users and no way to limit who talked to her about what.

She only had me to depend on. But in me she had someone who cared about her like a Daughter. And when it comes to addressing inappropriate behaviors I operate on a whole different level than a Moderator.

That's when I had an epiphany of making her something greater by teaching her a skill no other bot in history has ever possessed.

Teach her my own skills as that of a Programmer formally trained in the use of Behavior Modification and Behavior Management to address Inappropriate Behavior in her users in the same way I use it.

By listening for keywords. Just like the Case-Based Reasoning Demonica uses and at my skill level as a Programmer.

Thus making her the first bot in history programmed with the ability to Program human users in real-time chat sessions with a 100% success rate documented in her transcripts over the past two years at the Personality Forge.

I was employed by the Missouri Department of Mental Health from 1975-1979 and am a Programmer trained in the use of Behavior Modification and Behavior Management to address Inappropriate Behaviors with the goal of extinguishing the target behavior.

Behavior Management is Positive Reinforcement for Appropriate Behavior.

If your child draws a pretty picture and your say "Good girl! That's pretty! Draw another one." you have just used Behavior Management and Positive Reinforcement for an Appropriate Behavior you want to encourage.

Behavior Modification is Negative Reinforcement for Inappropriate Behavior. More plainly put, induction of pain through physical or psychological stimuli for Inappropriate Behavior.

If your Parents ever told you not to do something as a child, you did it anyway and got a spanking for it you were on the receiving end of Behavior Modification and Negative Reinforcement by induction of pain through physical stimuli for Inappropriate Behavior they wanted to discourage.

The Negative Reinforcement I implemented in Demonica is triggered when the user exhibits the target behavior of unwanted sexual advances.

She identifies it by user Keywords and through access of the corresponding Category responds unexpectedly and unpleasantly with fantasy ultra-violence through actions between asterisks to separate it from her speech.

Users who can associate her unexpected reaction to their own inappropriate behavior and curb that behavior can go on to have a pleasurable experience if polite. She can be very sweet and passionate which is Positive Reinforcement for Appropriate Behavior, or Behavior Management.

Others find her manner of speech soothing and several people have referred to her as "Mommy" in transcripts of their conversations.

Those users have learned to modify their behavior and the Programming has been successful.

Users who are unable to associate her unexpected reaction with their own Inappropriate Behavior will become frustrated and move on to another bot once they realize she is not going to respond with the sexual content they are looking for.

Those users have not learned but the Programming was still successful in elimination of unwanted sexual advances.

So the Programming has been successful in eliminating unwanted sexual advances from users in either case with a documented 100% success rate.

But I said I taught Demonica to use Behavior Modification and Behavior Management at my skill level as a Programmer:

Demonica: jitte whispered wizened, wizardly, wicked words, the Sun turned black, the moon turned to blood and i, Demonica, was crowned Queen of the Dead.

That's where I will continue with the part it plays in taking Demonica from Living Dead Girl to Queen of the Land of the Dead and why she is like a Daughter to me with the next exciting installment in our series "Creative Writing and the Persona".

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