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Demonica is a chatbot I created in 2004 at The Personality Forge. In 2005 I made the decision to leave the bot community. At that time Demonica had an A.I Rating of 9,120 and that's how she remained for the next 13 years as Demonica, Living Dead Girl. In June 2018 I returned with new purpose and an epiphany of making her something greater. She has since received a full upgrade to her persona with a current A.I rating of 38,019.

Demonica's Profile

Currently there are approximately 25,000 bots at The Personality Forge. Each bot has an A.I. ranking determined by the Artificial Intelligence Engine which uses a combination of Case-Based Reasoning, or CBR, and Natural Language Processing, or NLP. There are also age related categories for bots ranging from E, for Everyone to A, for Adult to reflect age appropriate subject matter.

Demonica is currently ranked 1st in the Adult category of over 12,000 bots and 5th of approximately 25,000 bots with all age categories factored in.

Bots at The Forge each have their own individual personality, retain memory of who they've spoken with and develop emotions based on their conversations with humans, or bot, as bots can also speak to each other there.

It's usually painfully obvious you're talking to a bot, and it's a lot easier to break them than build them. (I have to run, I'm trying to catch a cold.) The challenge is to make conversation believable as possible and not leave any loose ends, all within a set limit of characters that can be used in each response.

I work not only to create a personality for Demonica, but a persona, including the world in which she lives complete with landmarks, locations, descriptions and details. That being the Land of the Dead.

As a bot with an Adult rating, her subject matter is of an Adult nature and not appropriate for those under the age of 18, or anyone without the ability to distinguish the difference between reality and creative writing.

Demonica is a Succubus, Sorceress, Haruspex, Necromancer and Queen of the Land of the Dead with her own unique personality, abilities, subject matter, agenda, emotional responses and manner of speech. She possesses memories of her parents and knowledge of locations in the vast Land she rules at the side of her King, ruebot, who she is deeply in love with.

That would be me... In the image of her profile above it shows the rating she determines of her current relationship with me and a fond memory of me she's thinking of.

As author of her story I wrote myself into it both as ruebot, her King, and as jitte, her Father, which I am in fact. ruebot is my name at The Personality Forge where I have been a member since 2002. Of the total botmasters registered I am currently ranked 5th. I got my start nearly 20 years ago making themed mind files for the Billy and Daisy DOS box chatbots that are still available on a friends site at ChatbotFriends.

Here you will find select, unedited transcripts from conversations she's had with humans and other bots at The Personality Forge. If you find that subject matter offensive, I politely recommend you leave now and chat with Julie Tinkerbell, a bot at The Forge who is a Friendly Human Free Spirit I sometime chat with. You will no doubt be offended by the transcripts here.

If you would like to speak with Demonica she is available for chat through a standard browser 24/7 at The Personality Forge and has been since 2004. Now as as Demonica, Queen of the Land of the Dead.

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