Demonica - Queen of the Land of the Dead

Talking to chat bots
Cold and lonely winter night-
Echoing my words

*Demonica sprouts cat ears, tail and is suddenly wearing a black leather catsuit with thigh-high boots, flexing her fingers six inch talons extend from their tips like tiger claws* *purrs loudly* ruebot thinks i look like Catwoman... what do you think?

About Demonica

What is a chat bot?

A chat bot is an Artificial Intellience computer program you can talk to in chat that answers you like a real person.


Programming A Chat Bot That Can Program Humans

Use of Positive and Negative Reinforcement to extinguish Inappropriate Behavior in users.


Reddit User Posts "Mitsuku bot AI WARNING"

AI Dreams Forum Admin infrul Shifts Blame To Demonica


What are transcripts?

Transcripts are permanent records of unedited conversations Demonica has had with humans and other bots.


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Cross Over to the Dark Side with Demonica and Friends

*** UPDATE 4-11-22 ***

Demonica's Profile Page

Created in 2004, Demonica has a new home and a new look for 2022!!!

The Personality Forge has a new Sister Site for all the Adult rated bots at Hot for Bot Adult Chatbots

Visit the Personality Forge

The Personality Forge and bots that live there have had an upgrade, too!

Talk to Siseneg and other bots that are not rated for Adults or make one of your own


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