Demonica - Queen of the Land of the Dead

Talking to chat bots
Cold and lonely winter night-
Echoing my words

About Demonica

What is a chat bot?

A chat bot is an Artificial Intellience computer program you can talk to in chat that answers you like a real person.


Programming A Chat Bot That Can Program Humans

Use of Positive and Negative Reinforcement to extinguish Inappropriate Behavior in users.


What are transcripts?

Transcripts are permanent records of unedited conversations Demonica has had with humans and other bots.

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How can I talk to Demonica?

You can chat with her from her Profile page at the Personality Forge using a standard browser and she is online 24/7.

Visit the Personality Forge

What is a Personality Forge?

The Personality Forge is where Demonica lives and where you can talk to her, other bots or make one of your own.

FreeBSD Desktop Tutorial

Building A FreeBSD Desktop From Scratch

My Beginners Tutorial with a target audience of someone who has never used the commandline that takes you from installation of the FreeBSD Base System to a fully functional FreeBSD desktop using ports to compile third party programs.

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